Nordic Summer University’s Artistic Research Conference: Experiencing Artistic Research Through the Senses.

Together with Dr. Marina Velez, Heidi Seppälä is organising an artistic research conference for Nordic Summer University’s Summer Symposium 2022 in Oslo, Norway 27.7-4.8.2022   The theme of the conference is Experiencing Artistic Research Through the Senses. During this symposium an international, carefully selected group of artist researchers will be investigating phenomenology (empirical research, direct […]

A new article by Heidi Seppälä and Jalmari Nummiluikki  is out in AKPÉ-magazine

AKPÉ, Finnish-African cultural center Villa Karo’s Magazine published an article of Heidi Seppälä and Jalmari Nummiluikki. An article titled Monomuotoisuudesta Monimuotoisuuteen (from monoculturalism to multiculturalism) explains DANCO’s agenda to create steps towards self-organising stage, shared and collaborative authorship and its ethics. The article is in Finnish and can be read here:

A conversation with dance artist Heidi Seppälä about decolonial dance teaching, Nordic-West African cooperation and studies in separate teacher’s pedagogical studies in the arts.

Kenneth Siren from UNIARTS Helsinki wrote a beautiful article about Heidi’s work in a blog of Helsinki Art University. The article is in Finnish, and deals with Heidi’s work at Villa Karo’s artist residency. In addition to teaching dance to children in an orphanage, she was organizing and running a workshop exploring hegemonic power relations […]

Panel Discussion with Kauzeni Lyamba and Kasheshi Makena at Theatre Academy’s GINTL event

Heidi Seppälä was invited as a panelist for Uniarts GINTL, a research seminar “Co-Creating De­col­o­nized Knowl­edges through Arts”, on Friday 6th May.   The seminar aimed at enhancing the importance and uniqueness of arts in decolonising knowledge. The idea of decolonising knowledge is a central feature of collaborative partners and co-creating knowledge between the University […]

DANCO presentations and dance video in  De-Colonising tertiary dance education – Act Now Conference  by Stockoholm University(Sweden), and Makerere University(Uganda)

Danco’s work has been selected for a conference De-Colonising tertiary dance education – Act Now, organised by Stockoholm University(Sweden), and Makerere University(Uganda) 7-9.4.22.   Heidi Seppälä(FI) and Shyrine Ziadeh(Palestine) will create a text & movement dialogue on dancing in the midst of occupation. Emmanuel Ndefo is organising a roundtable discusssion with movement, on the topic […]

Impressions from artistic research symposium in Viesu nams Lauciņi, Lāde, Latvia.

Together with Dr. Marina Velez, Heidi Seppälä is organising artistic research conferences for Nordic Summer University’s Circle 7. In April 2022, due to unforeseen circumstances, Heidi was running a symposium on her own for a carefully selected group of artist researchers. The theme of the weekend was the experiential processes in artistic practice. This symposium […]

Patterns of Masculinity – workshop in Lagos Centre for Contemporary Art

Made possible by funding of TAIKE and Nordic Culture Fund, DANCO – School of Decolonizing the Art of Dance members Heidi Seppälä, Jalmari Nummiluikki and Emmanuel Ndefo have been working in Grand Popo, Benin, and Lagos, Nigeria, in order to create and run a workshop weekend Narratives of Masculinity, Power and Queerness in Afro-Nordic Space […]

DANCO in Groundwork dialogues conference

Heidi’s dance art & research ensemble DANCO will be presenting a paper in Groundwork dialogues conference. The paper will be sent to the conference in a form of a video, “a visual essay” dealing with a concept of self-organising stage,  shared and collaborative authorship and its ethics.    Would you like to dance with us? […]

Villa Karo Artist in Residence

Heidi Seppälä has been accepted for Villa Karo’s artist residence in Grand Popo, Benin, Africa from Jan2 until March25. Together with theatre director and writer Jalmari Nummiluikki, Heidi will be working on the content of DANCO’s website. Heidi is also creating and mentoring a workshop for development of more culturally inclusive practices within creative organisations.  […]