DANCO in Groundwork dialogues conference

Heidi’s dance art & research ensemble DANCO will be presenting a paper in Groundwork dialogues conference. The paper will be sent to the conference in a form of a video, “a visual essay” dealing with a concept of self-organising stage,  shared and collaborative authorship and its ethics. 


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– Questions about the working culture of a self-organizing stage

A self-organizing stage is not only a concrete working environment where a creative team is working towards a performance, and where this performance takes place. It’s also a concept that allows us to think about the ethical dimensions of working together. This makes it simultaneously a concrete environment with all its elements, as well as a concept which we can utilise to reflect on the grounds and relationships on which the work is based on.

We are interested in working together in a space, where the conditions for doing things are not set in stone, but which can constantly live and change according to the situation.

We are also interested in starting points where the authorship can exist without ownership: Where there’s no single author, there’s shared authorship.

Today we approach this topic with the concept of “corporate culture” familiar from organizational theories. It’s changed into a “working culture”, but the starting point is the sama: we always act from the basis of our personal assumptions (ideology, worldview, etc.) and these assumptions always shape the concrete working environment.


See full video here:



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