Impressions from artistic research symposium in Viesu nams Lauciņi, Lāde, Latvia.

Together with Dr. Marina Velez, Heidi Seppälä is organising artistic research conferences for Nordic Summer University’s Circle 7.

In April 2022, due to unforeseen circumstances, Heidi was running a symposium on her own for a carefully selected group of artist researchers. The theme of the weekend was the experiential processes in artistic practice. This symposium kicked off a three-year cycle of symposia, all curated and run by Dr. Marina Velez and Heidi Seppälä.


In Lāde, Latvia, the artists were collectively delving deep into the questions of How do knowledges emerge in artistic research practices through the experiential and What kind of knowledges are they?  This symposium, first one in the series of 6, provided opportunities for investigating and experiencing other forms of knowledge through building trust in imagination, intuition and working-with others in the artistic practice process.


The focus was the investigation of the methods, knowledges and reflective processes involved in artistic practice research in a collective effort to explore and articulate how, in artistic research, experience informs experience and the experiential changes the researcher and the practice as it unfolds.


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