Panel Discussion with Kauzeni Lyamba and Kasheshi Makena at Theatre Academy’s GINTL event

Heidi Seppälä was invited as a panelist for Uniarts GINTL, a research seminar “Co-Creating De­col­o­nized Knowl­edges through Arts”, on Friday 6th May.


The seminar aimed at enhancing the importance and uniqueness of arts in decolonising knowledge. The idea of decolonising knowledge is a central feature of collaborative partners and co-creating knowledge between the University of Arts and its partner institutions in East Africa (Tanzania). The objective project as a whole is to decolonise the notions of knowledge through arts-based practices and research, and to generate an open global platform for diverse dialogues in the contexts of teaching and learning.


The seminar worked as an invitation for the University of the Arts Helsinki community, especially for teachers, researchers and students, “to come together and (re)view our own practices and the possibilities, needs and aims for a more critical and inclusive curriculum and educational policies, structures, and relations.”

Seminar Day Programme

13.00-13.45 Opening and welcoming words and music

14.00-15.00 Experiential workshops + coffee, introducing Tanzanian partnership

15.00-16.00 Panel discussion

16.00-17.30 Mingling


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