Dance Performance Project, Residency, Roadtrip, Exhibition & Performances

Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria


​​InDifferentLight was built within a travelling residency project with Nomadic Village ( from May 2015 up until September 2015. Artists Heidi Seppälä and Andi Pils drove across the Balkans creating and filming small site-specific mapping- tracking and dance performances in old Yugoslavian war memorials and participated in art residencies and festivals along the way.

​The outcome of the whole was many site specific performances around Balkans, a compilation of films of the performances at an exhibition at the opening of Water Tower Art Festival in Sofia as well as a finishing performance for the same festival. Three months of travelling and living out of a van ended in Schmiede 2015, with a performance collaboration with Stefan Baron von Firnwald, Viktor Furiani, Darren Kirwan, Samvida Nanda, ​​Philomena Höltkemeier, Mark Coniglio


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