Concept and choreography

RichMix, London, UK


“The work by Heidi Seppälä deals with the human being’s relationship with nature. A pastoral scenery and music introduces a solo performance danced by the choreographer herself. The movements are filmed and directly transferred onto a big screen behind her. The action starts with a rather shocking piercing through the flesh of the dancer’s arm, performed live by tattoo artist Yann Brenyak. The piercing is then connected to a small plant through a cable as she starts her pas de deux with a small plant to which she is connected as through an umbilical cord, all the while being filmed in an artistic manner. The scenario, it seems, aims to pose questions about the relationship of nature and technology, of being and experiencing the surroundings in direct or via a technical medium. While her dance unfolds, the beautiful music by Susumu Yokota gives an extra layer of expression to her dance. The piece closes with the image of a street which is a stark contrast to the idyllic stage set, once more bringing to mind our alienation from nature.” (Isabel Wagner/BargainTheatre Land 11th July 2014 Rich Mix)

Performance: Heidi Seppälä, Yann Brenyak, Magda Kowalczyk
Video footage: Magda Kowalczyk
Technician, lights: Leo Woolcock
Technical support: Sebastian Dirycz, David Strange
Artistic Advisor: Maddy Wynne-Jones
Commissioned by Lydia Fraser-Ward for Richmix ́s Women Of Mass Destruction – platform in London.
With the support of: RichMix London, Arts Council England, Finnish church of London



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