Water Tower Art Festival

An installation dealing with nomadic artist’s life, struggles, successes, fears, and creation on the road. Together with Sound Artist Andi Pils, Heidi was invited to create an installation and performance for the biggest contemporary art Festival of Bulgaria, Water Tower Art Festival. In 2015 it took place in Sofia and Pernik, where Heidi and Andi […]


In 2018, in collaboration with her Choreomundus-colleagues, Heidi organised an exhibition in a beautiful Art Nouveau Museum REÖK of Szeged, Hungary. The purpose of the exhibition was to bring forth dance cultures, invite locals for a dance, and showcase work of the participating dance artists and researchers.  For the exhibition, apart from helping to curate […]


​​InDifferentLight started as a travelling residency project with Nomadic Village (Nomadic.cd) from May 2015 up until September 2015. Artists Heidi Seppälä and Andi Pils drove across the Balkans creating and filming small site-specific mapping- tracking and dance performances in old Yugoslavian war memorials and participated in an art residencies and festivals along the way. ​The […]